West Somerset Bowls League, Bridgwater
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West Somerset Bowls League



Written by League Sec Alan Wood Dec 2016

When the league began is not known but from the records available it seems that the league comprised most of the clubs competing now together with one or two that have since closed or withdrawn from the league.

Thanks to Don Bridges and Charles Furzeman for providing a list of winners that shows the league was up and running in 1983 when Wellington were the winners that year.

However, it may be that the league was established before then?

The format of play was 4 rinks of 4 and a single division until 1995 when the running of the league was taken over by Tony Whitehead of Hinkley Point Bowls Club.

From 1995 the format of play remained the same but the teams were split into two divisions and a set start time of 6.30pm on Thursday summer evenings during June and July was established with a promotion and relegation procedure put in place.

Prior to this there was no set programme of fixtures and teams could play at any time on any day. In consequence, the running of the league was haphazard and unsatisfactory.

The 4 rink format and two divisions continued until 2004 when due to bereavements and a general drop in membership in some clubs it became difficult to field 4 rinks of 4 and there was just one division in 2005.

A proposal at the 2005 AGM to have a 3 x 3 triples format was carried with good support and clubs could enter two teams if they wished.

In the event 7 clubs entered B teams which meant there were 2 divisions of 9 teams.

Div 1 the 9 existing clubs and Div 2  7 B teams plus Chard and British Cellophane.

Currently there are 11 member clubs providing 22 teams, 11 in each division.

Fixtures for more than 12 teams would be impractical because of daylight limitations towards the end of July.

The individual clubs past and present in the West Somerset League ( WSL ) are as follows:                   Current members **

            British Cellophane               original member        Withdrew when club closed in 2012

            Bridgwater **                         Joined in 2010          B Team 2013

            Burnham – on – Sea **       original member        B team 2006

            Chard                                     original member        withdrew 2009

            Donyatt                                  original member       left in 2014

            Eastover **                            original member      left 2005  re-joined 2014   B team joined 2017 B team withdrew in 2018.

            Hinkley Point                         original member        left  when club closed 2005

            Minehead **                          original member       B team 2006

            North Petherton **                Joined when club opened in 2006 and entered 2 teams A & B. 
                                                          C team 2010            

            Taunton **                             original member        B team 2006  C team 2015

            Taunton Deane **                 original member        B team 2006

            Victoria **                               original member        B team 2006  B withdrew 2014

            Watchet **                             original Member ? left post 1987  Re-Joined 2014

            Wellington **                         original Member       B team 2006 & C team 2017         

            Williton **                               original member    

Annual Membership is £30 per team and has been this amount for the past 10 years and more.

The league has been grateful in the past for generous sponsorship from time to time by Whitehead Bowls of Bridgwater and Brian Holmes of Williton BC Stockleigh Farm Meeth.

The League is indebted to the late Richard Milton formerly of Hinkley Point and then North Petherton for his services as Chairman for 11 years from 2002 until he stood down at 2012 AGM when the current Chairman Roland Bath took Office.
Sadly, Richard died suddenly the following year. A fine bowler and much missed.

Also to Leon Bass League Secretary for 16 years from 1995 until standing down at 2011 AGM when the current holder Alan Wood was elected.

The late Robert (Bob) Toller, League Treasurer who took Office in 2003 when the late Steve Matthews passed away, remained in post until his passing in late 2017.